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Resume and Curriculum Vita

Timothy Martin Flanagan

PDX Area Box # 22
Box 22/Lake Oswego,OR/97034-0003
Missoula, Montana Residence & Library:
2228 Kent Ave. W.  59801

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Long Term Objectives: I am a writer, editor, tutor, and teacher. I write, edit, and publish articles and essays on a variety of topics and develop curriculum for teaching reading, writing, research, and study skills. I intend to continue writing, publishing, and working as an educator.  I also will continue my avocations:
social activist, political commentator, radio show host, & union organizer.        

Employment History:   
December 2007-February 2010      
 Editorial Consultant for :
The Portland Alliance 
Am on the editorial board and serve as a consultant for this 30 year old
                   Portland Institution
July 2007-August 2009                  
Editor in Chief:  The Gathering  Managing editor
                   and layout and design editor for a magazine for the combined Faculty
                    Federations PCCFF/PCCFCE/AFT/AFL-CIO/Local 2277
December 2004-January 2008        
Writing Tutor  in Upward Bound
Program at PCC
                   Tutoring Students Damon Hickok, Supervisor
September 1995-February 2010       
Private Tutor & Computer Consultant  
specializing in ESL and ENNL.  Use a unique system of student-specific
                   web resources, diagnostics, and remediation. Also assist individuals,
                   businesses, and non-profits with web pages, servers, and computer literacy. 
July 2005-February  2006              
Literacy Consultant
for Beaverton Literacy Council
                   Spoke at Orientation, Participated at board meetings and training  
Carole Pye
September 2004-February 2010    
Radio Commentator and Host at
KBOO Labor Radio
June 2003-November 2007          
   Union Vice-President
for the
PCC Faculty Federation/AFT/AFL-CIO
.  Did organizing, committee Work,
                  and served on the executive council,
 Union Vitae    (most recently Publicist)  

September 2000-June 2003             Professor of  Writing & Computers at PCC
                  Sylvania Campus.   Taught
CIS-120, Writing 80, Writing 90, Research, & 
                  CAS-133  Delyse Totten, Kathy Bernunzio/ Taught two sections of Writing 
                  80, seventeen sections of CIS 120-Computer Concepts One, one section of
                  CAS-133 Office 2000 applications
Spring 2001-January 2004          Internationally Certified Master Tutor
           Writing, Composition, English and other subjects or in the Student Success Center
           Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus (Fran Palk-supervisor)
           My website is still used as a resource: 
also worked
           with a Conversation Group

September 1995 -Feb 2010 Curriculum Developer
             ~~~ ESL, composition, sentence structure, grammar, creative writing, etc.      
May 1998 to Feb 2010  
      Web Site Administrator

             others.  My duties include administration of several thousand web pages and
            supervision and maintenance of the International Peace Resource Center
            Library in Missoula, Montana.
Fall 2001-June 2003    Received grants for Curriculum Development and
provided and developed specific resources on ESL, ENL, syntax, rhetoric, composition, sentence structure, grammar, creative writing, and more.
October 99 to February 2010   Private Web site consultant and designer
                 Certified through the International Association of Web Masters and Designers November 1995-June 2000    Substitute teacher in Missoula County Public Schools.
Summer 96-June 2003  Editor/Publisher
The Wordsmith Collection:  magazine for writing
                  & creative arts  Duties include magazine
                  publication, online publishing, setup and hosting of local art shows.
Winter of 1999     Taught Seminars on Writing and Study Skills  at the University of
                  Montana at Missoula (specialing in Native American Populations)
Summer 97, 98, 99, 2000, and 2001.     Independent Contractor Supervisor and 
                   Instructor for Royal Amusements, Inc. / Butler Amusements, Inc.
Fall 1995 to Spring 1998    
Tutor:  Completed Certification Program as Master Tutor
                   and Tutored in the Equal Opportunity Program at Univ of MT at Missoula
                   (supervised by Ray Carlisle and Suzy Hampton) (400 hours prox)
Fall 1995 to February 2010 Private tutoring: study skills, writing, literature, computers,
                   history,composition, behavioral science, sociology, and other subjects.

Aug. 1995 and August 1998 stage crew  Western Montana State Fair. 
                    Supervised by Jay Bradley (406) 721-2765.   We installed stage, lighting,
                    and sound components & provided security for the acts at the fair.
Tutor at the Learning Assistance Center and the Writing Center at
                    Northern Arizona University. Completed 400+ hours of writing instruction
                    and tutoring. Ms. Rodriquez was my supervisor in the Writing Center and
                    with Gwen Crites in the LAC.
1991-1992 Public Relations, writing, columns, etc. The Arizona Daily Sun / Flagstaff, AZ
1990-95        Taxi Driver in Flagstaff, Arizona.   Worked for Dream Taxi and then helped
                      establish and build A Friendly Cab. The owner is Pat Ball/ Flagstaff/Arizona
1986-90 Owner and General Manager Martin Installation/ Covina, CA
                      (pallet rack, lockers, shelving, conveyors, offices, partitions, and custom
                        material handling equipment) I was a licensed contractor and performed 
                        all duties typical of any small-business owner, including 
supervision and
                        management of sixteen employees
1979-86   Installer, then Installation Manager, then Operations Manager of Engineered
                        Storage Systems / Industry, CA   Duties included
management of thirty
in shipping, installation, delivery, and production depts.
                        I helped develop the necessary computer support systems for the merger
                       of two firms, did major purchasing, reconciled payroll, devised and
                       implemented market strategy, closed sales, and managed inside sales.
                       (Supervisor Garth Gilpin-owner (818) 961- 0961) Sold and installed office
                        partitions, conveyor systems, and other material handling systems in
                        Southern California.
1974-79          Taxi Driver and then Owner\Operator of Taxi Service
                        Saint Louis County, Missouri (ABC Cab Corp. affiliate)

1970-73           Forklift Driver, Dock worker, Paint line finisher at: Hussmann Refrigeration
                        in St. Louis County, Missouri  (member of the AFL-CIO employees union)
                        (also worked part-time in Park Maintenance)
1970                 Foundry Worker     at Hampstead Company in Watertown, Massachusetts
                         Co-operative work assignment with Antioch College
1969                 Bicycle Messenger   San Francisco at Xerox Corp.
                        Co-operative education assignment w /Antioch College
1969                Microbiological Research Assistant 
                        Washington University Research Facility
Pre '69             Waiter, Busboy, delivery, carnival helper, landscaping, editing, 
                        door to door sales, writing.

Education & degrees:

1969 Graduate of St. Louis Country Day School: college prep school/ St. Louis County, MO

1994 Graduate of Northern Arizona University: Cum laude completion of a degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. Member of Phi Kappa Phi and Golden Key Honor Societies. Overall GPA 3.7 / GPA in field 3.9

1996 Completed Master International Tutoring Certification
at the University of Montana at Missoula.

Also studied at:

1969-70 Antioch University / Yellow Springs, Ohio (Art & Philosophy)

1970-72 St. Louis Comm. Coll. / St. Louis, MO (Art.& Psychology)

1973-79 Univ. of Missouri at St. Louis (Behavioral Science) (Teaching Assistant )

1982 Fullerton Community. College / Fullerton, CA (Cultural Anthropology)

1984-87 Cal Poly / Pomona, California (Education, History, Writing)

(Completed six months student teaching)

1990 The Northern California Historical Supplement
1991-1995 The Arizona Daily Sun: letters and commentary on a variety of subjects.
1991-1995 The Lumberjack (Northern Arizona University)
guest columns and letters on topics of local and international concerns.
1995 Where Dawn LIngers: Howard Ely (editor) a publication of NLP including my poetry (ISBN#1-57553-065-1)
1996 Superior Poetry News: "Cowboy Heros" poem by Tim Flanagan in a "western" focus magazine of poetry and stories.
1996 and 1997 The Wordsmith Collection: A non-profit magazine for Arts and Letters, Published and edited in Missoula, Montana by Timothy Flangan. (Next issue to be published in Lake Oswego, Oregon in September of 2002)
1997 The Montana Writer's Daybook Supplement: January 1997 issue by Upcreek Publishing in Hamilton, MT "Freemen and Unabombers" and an essay on contemporary Montana.
1998-2003Online publications at
and guest columns in The Missoulian and The Lake Oswego Review.  Also wrote curriculum supplements at  This site is used as a teaching tool at PCC Sylvania Student Success Center.
May 2003:  From May 21-May 23, Did a presentation for the Campus Compact National Center for Community Colleges at its twelfth annual national conference in Scottsdale, Arizona: "Reaching the Summit for Civic Commitment."  With two other instructors, I presented "Bridging the Gaps: Innovative Teaching Strategies that Meet Community Needs During Challenging Times," and provided examples of how students have learned course objectives while helping fill the gaps in available community services through Service-Learning. We described how to integrate community problem-solving into service-learning courses and the collaborative role that colleges can play in the future.

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